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Pronunciation course

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Course description:

This is a streamlined and focused course designed to help our learners build up and develop their pronunciation in Vietnamese language.


The learners can be at absolutely beginning level or already be able to speak a little bit Vietnamese in daily conversations.

This pronunciation course helps them achieve a complete basic foundation of Vietnamese pronunciation including the knowledge of phonetics, alphabet, tones, vowels, consonants, labial sounds, … along with their specific functions.

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One - on - One lesson

  • Study with a schedule convenient for you
  • Study at VLS campus or your own pace
  • Lessons are specially tailored to your needs
  • Easy to cancel and reschedule

Group lesson

  • Learn with your friends/ other VLS students and with a schedule convenient for you all
  • Variety forms of group: 2-3 students, 4-5 students, 6-7 students
  • Easy to cancel and reschedule

Online lesson

  • Using Skype or Webex (a functional website for teaching).
  • Lessons are tailored to your needs
  • Flexible time and location.
  • Time and schedule are decided by students.
  • Easy to cancel and reschedule

Objectives of the course:

After this course, a learner will be able to:

-         Understand and achieve a complete foundation of Vietnamese pronunciation.

-         Hear and distinguish the differences of some sounds which are much alike.

-         Say or read a Vietnamese sentence with correct tones.

-         Write Vietnamese words correctly.

-         Practice Vietnamese tones, rhythm and intonation for conversations.

Teaching methodology:

VLS language instructor will use simple and practical vocabulary and patterns as the material for the pronunciation lessons. By this way, our learners can study and practice Vietnamese pronunciation with useful expressions or practical conversations.

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